Artist Mission Statement

My work is a labor of love. I create one of a kind, ceramic teapots,
tea cups and tea bowls. I throw on the wheel and do slab work.

When the teapot body is ready, I study it and decide how I am going

to approach the design of the pot. I alter the body by twisting it,

putting grooves in it, bending it or putting several thrown pieces together

 to form one body. I also carve the surface of the teapot body,

apply textures through stamps or objects with textured

surfaces or combinations of both methods. The character of the teapot.


I am honored that my teapots have been juried into several shows
including The International Small Teapot Show and

the San Angelo National Ceramic Competition.

I am also honored that my teapots have become collector items

for the many residents of the Salt Lake Valley and visitors to the Valley.

But even more important to me are the smiles the teapots generate.


Thank you,